CLIENT: Barratt David Wilson Homes
LPA: Uttlesford District Council


  • Survey of Alsa Wood to plot the distribution of Oxlips

  • Mammal census using a motion-sensor camera, to assess which animals may be eating the oxlips.

  • Assessment of the main factors influencing the success of the oxlip population at Alsa Wood

  • Production of a comprehensive management plan to improve the distribution and density of oxlips at Alsa Wood.


  • To come up with a proportionate, appropriate and effective strategy for surveying oxlips and mammals in Alsa Wood

  • To use technology to electronically plot the distribution of oxlip plants and other site notes.

  • To assess what factors are impacting the success of the oxlip population in Alsa Wood

  • To make appropriate and realistic recommendations for measures to improve the distribution and density of oxlips at Alsa Wood.


Fencing will be installed to exclude rabbits and muntjac from five ‘protected zones’, each measuring 10 m x 10 m.

50 % of the seeds from within the ‘protected zones’ will be taken in June each year and distributed manually to areas where Oxlip grazing is apparent, to supplement seed production in these areas.

Hazel and hornbeam coppice management will be continued, as this management favours Oxlips and other woodland flora.

Coppice arisings will be placed on and around newly coppiced stools to discourage and minimise browsing of new coppice growth.


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