TMA can provide clients with a professional arboricultural impact assessment report which evaluates the impacts of proposed development upon important trees following best practice recommendations.


An Arboricultural Impact Assessment commonly referred to as an AIA report, is usually required by Local Planning Authorities (LPA) when validating planning applications where development might affect trees and significant vegetation.  

The report is intended to assist the LPA to understand the potential impacts of the development proposals on trees and how this may be mitigated.  



The AIA will often provide recommendations for new tree planting to mitigate any tree loss to demonstrate that the development proposal is sustainable.   


TMA is well respected for their extensive planning experience and have developed relationships with LPA to ensure that challenges around trees can be resolved in a cost-effective way, whilst helping clients to maximising development space.This often invloves working with other professional to enable the client to resolve planning constraints. 


Our early involvement in the design layout process results in a good quality layout where important trees can be successfully retained and continue to contribute to the local and wider area; a satisfied  LPA and planning permission for our clients. 




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