To help inform the layout of a development proposal, the Local Planning Authority will expect to see that trees and significant vegetation on-site or immediately adjacent to the site have been properly considered. 




TMA carry out tree surveys that follow best practice recommendations *British Standard 5837 (2012); to audit the quality and value of the trees.  The quality audit assists with making sustainable decisions about design layout, tree retention and requirements of mitigation.  We have many years of experience and excellent technical knowledge that assists us to make sound assessments which form the basis of reliable, and consistently good quality advice is given.    


How we Survey

Using our own map-based software to efficiently plot and record tree data in line with BS5837 (2012), and provide tree survey drawings and technical data on each tree soon after completion of the survey for their use in design layout development. 


To help obtain a successful planning application TMA  always recommend that a BS5837 tree survey is carried out at the early stages of design for a project. This approach will minimise the risk of abortive design costs by ensuring the constraints of trees important to the site and its setting are recognised sympathetically within the design layout. 


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