Great crested newt


Great Crested newts, their eggs, breeding ground and resting places are all protected by European Law. 


Seek advice about carrying out works that could impact or disturb their natural habitats. 


Testing for the presence of Great crested newts


The technique is known as Environmental DNA or eDNA. This allows us to confirm whether great crested newts have been present in the pond this spring, helping us to assess whether great crested newts are likely to be impacted by a proposed development. In many cases, the eDNA technique can avoid the need for traditional night-time newt surveys which are more time consuming and costlier. 

By searching the pond for GCN eggs, we are sometimes even able to rule out the need for eDNA samples, as the presence of eggs confirms the presence of GCN. 
The sampling has to be undertaken by licensed great crested newt surveyors, following a strict protocol to avoid cross-contamination between ponds. 




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