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TMA are leaders in the area of trees, ecology and planning with vast experience in all aspects. We will ensure the constraints of trees important to the site and its setting are recognised properly within the design layout and support you through the process, providing solutions as part of the project team.





TMA provide a service to home-buyers which includes a survey of trees and other vegetation which are considered to be capable of causing subsidence damage to the main property.


The Report

The survey takes into account soil and tree characteristics, property age and tree distance from property. The report will provide vegetation management recommendations where appropriate


We aim to complete the survey and report within 3-5 working days from instruction. Pre-payment is required prior to site visit.

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If trees are suspected of being implicated in subsidence, TMA will work independently, or alongside professional specialists to further investigate the problem.  The investigation can be complex as many factors will be considered; the location of the tree in relation to the property, soil type and type of building and the damage that it has sustained.  


Tree Risk and Condition Services

TMA are experienced providers of tree risk and condition services. With in-house software and excellent knowledgeable consultants we can provide a comprehensive service of outstanding quality to enable homeowners to achieve their tree risk related objectives.

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Aerial tree inspection

Tree species selection and planting advice

Veteran tree surveys



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