Detailed drawing to scale, indicating the location of existing and proposed planting areas, including specification of plants, species, sizes and densities.

Projects range from individual dwellings up to large infrastructure developments. We ensure that the landscape strategy is in compliance with planning requirements, and is an enhancement to the overall design concept.


Our Skills 

Our landscape Architects often have an architectural background ensuring that soft and hard landscaping complements the surrounding buildings. 


We work closely with our ecologists and arboriculturist to ensure that we can enhance the natural environment in the design to achieve success at all project stages.



Hard Landscape Plans

In addition to detailed planting plans we also provide hard landscaping schemes which are individually designed to select the appropriate materials for each site.

These designs take into consideration the client’s needs, ensuring that the end product meets the brief.


The designs and information provided are often required to discharge planning conditions, but can also be useful to enhance your own private garden space - see garden design 




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