CLIENT: Creekside Development
PROJECT SCALE: 2.8 hectares
LPA: London Borough of Bexley


  • Soft Landscape Plan (For sites 1,2 and 4)

  • Landscape Method Statement (Site 1)

  • Landscape Management Plan (Site 4)

  • Ecology: Phase 1 Habitat Survey (Site 1-2)

  • Water Vole Protecton Report (Site 4)


  • Councils requested wildflower planting within the landscaping scheme as an ecological enhancement which was out of context with the surrounding areas and also was not optimal for the wildlife specialising in brownfield habitats nearby.

  • The landscaping needed to be able to stand up to occasional vehicle disturbance during access.

  • The site is next to a nature reserve and surrounded by a watercourse with wildlife value.

  • Plan detailing protection and mitigation of damage to population of water vole.


Industrial sites, and this area in particular, is an important habitat to redstart birds, which thrive in gravelled areas. Red start birds are a protected specie, and also on the Red List of Birds of Conservation Concern, meaning that urgent action is needed for their conservation. 

This guided the landscape design but was also an argument to keep the gravelled areas, which was a practical solution for the client's needs. This was included in Landscape Method Statement, which was approved with out objection. The scheme was complemented with planting that supports the red start habitat.


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